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Updates to Club Battle Rules & Etiquette

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2018 04:08PM EDT

Kings of Pool is proud to host an incredibly active community of players who participate in our ongoing Club Battle Leagues. As Club Battles are without a doubt the most competitive aspect of Kings of Pool, fairness and integrity are key qualities of the game.

We've listened and worked with members of the community to understand what players want out of this mode, and we're pleased to introduce a few small changes that we believe will improve the overall game experience. 

Please read on for a list of recent changes to Club Battles:

1) Players who join a club mid battle must wait until the next battle starts to contribute (Pro & Amateur League Only)

To prevent teams from bringing in skilled players at the last minute and unfairly bumping totals, any player that joins a battle mid-way through will see a "waiting on next battle" screen. Their wins will not count towards the team's current battle total.

This change will keep our matchmaking as accurate as possible, since the team and all its contributors will be the same from start to finish of the Battle.

NOTE: this change only applies to PRO and AMATEUR Leagues. In the OPEN League, players can still join a club and play right away. This decision was made so as not to discourage brand new players by forcing them to wait several days before being able to participate in their first Battle.

2) Players who leave a club mid battle will have their contributions removed from the team's total.

Should a player leave a team to join another, their club contributions leave too. For example, imagine a club collectively earned 3 million, with 1 million out of 3 million coming from Player X. If Player X leaves the club before the battle ends, the club's total earnings would go down to 2 million. 


3) Rematches do not count towards club contributions

To prevent players from finding friends in matchmaking and intentionally losing games to help their opponent earn money, rematches are now considered "Exhibition Matches."  This means any cash won in a rematch round will not count towards Club Battle total earnings. 

4) Players who are banned for any reason will have their club contributions removed. 

There is zero tolerance for cheating of any kind in Kings of Pool. Should Uken Games ban a player for any reason while a club battle is taking place, that player's contributions to their club's total will be removed. 

It's our hope that with these changes Kings of Pool Club Battle Leagues will be as competitive as possible and free from unfair match manipulation. 

For any unanswered questions, or to supply feedback to the team at Kings of Pool, please email 

Good luck in Club Battles, and may the best teams win!
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