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Club Battles Rules & Etiquette

Last Updated: Jul 05, 2018 04:37PM EDT

Kings of Pool's most competitive mode is the team based Club Battle Mode. Clubs consisting of up to 25 players are pitted against another club in multi-day battles, and must win rounds of pool across the game to earn more cash than the opposing team. When a Battle ends, total earnings of each player are tallied up, and the team with the highest cash total is crowned the winner. 


How to Advance in Club Battles


Depending on your Club's performance in Club Battles, you can score between +75 and -75 per battle. This score is then tallied up with all your other Club Battle results in that Season to create your team's total score.  

There are three types of Club Leagues: OPEN, AMATEUR, and PRO.  After a season ends, active clubs are divided into Open, Amateur, and Pro Leagues based on their performance during that season. 

Clubs who performed exceptionally well in that season may move up from OPEN to AMATEUR, where they'll be pitted against tougher Clubs. The same is true for moving from the AMATEUR to PRO League. On the flip side, if a Club lost several Battles during the Season, they run the risk of moving downwards in League and Leaderboard. 

You can see this score on the different League Leaderboards beside each club. Spots are limited, so you'll be in competition with other Clubs  for the League spots.


Exhibition Matches


Exhibition Status is a special type of game status in Kings of Pool that does NOT count towards Club Battles or Rank movement. The following types of games are considered Exhibition Matches: 

Battles With Club Members - Should players belonging to the same club face each other, these matches will not count towards Club Battle contributions. 

Battles With Friends - Challenging a friend in Kings of Pool is always considered an Exhibition Match. No matter the amount bet, any funds won in these matches will not count towards Club Battle contributions OR Rank. 

Rematches - In Kings of Pool you always have the option to rematch an opponent. However, these rematches do not count as Club Battle contributions. 

Multiple Matches Per Day With Same Opponent - Even if it is not an immediate rematch, players who play more than a few matches a day against the same opponent will have their games become Exhibition Matches. 

Ante Up - Using the "Ante Up" Icon to double the stakes of your Billiards game will give you the chance to win big. While those winnings will go to your wallet, they will not count towards Club Battle Totals. In other words, using Ante Up will make your game an Exhibition Match.


Rival Clubs - If you happen to match up against a member of the club you’re currently facing — whether it be through matchmaking, challenge, or rematch — this match will NOT be considered an Exhibition Match, and battle points will be added to the team of the winner. Playing (and defeating) a member of your rival club will actually earn you 2x the Club Battle Points!


Leaving and Joining Clubs Mid Battle


Leaving Your Club Mid Battle - If a player leaves a club mid battle, their contributions to that team are removed from the total. These contributions will not move over to the new club, but rather they disappear. For this reason it is recommended not to exit and join different clubs mid battle. 

Joining a Club Mid Battle - in the PRO and AMATEUR League Club Battles, players who join a new club midway through a Club Battle will see a "waiting on next battle" screen in the Clubs Menu and will NOT be able to participate / contribute until the current club battle has ended. 


Cue Chalk


How it works - Taking inspiration from real world billiards, cue chalk gives small bonuses to your shots. Each of the four chalks have their own boosts, similar to how cues have their own stats. 

In addition to adding extra length to your grey aiming line, chalk adds small bonuses to your battle score contributions, should you end up winning the match.

Beginner Chalk.        =     0% Battle Bonus
Amateur Chalk          =     5% Battle Bonus
Pro Chalk                   =     15% Battle Bonus
Master Chalk             =     50% Battle Bonus


Rival Clubs


Playing against the member of the club you’re currently facing is called a Rival Clubs match. The winner win earn 2x the club battle points for defeating a player in the rival club!

If you happen to match up against a member of the club you’re currently facing — whether it be through matchmaking, challenge, or rematch — this match will NOT be considered an Exhibition Match. See above for full details on what constitutes an Exhibition Match.


Banned Players & Restricted Behaviour


As the Club Battles in Kings of Pool are highly competitive, there is zero tolerance for match manipulation of any kind.

Uken Games reserves the right to place temporary or permanent bans on any player deemed to be playing illegally. 

Upon being banned, ALL contributions to the current club battle will be nulled. In other words, if a player is caught cheating their contributions disappear and the whole team suffers because of it. 





For any questions regarding Club Battles, or for any other game related inquiries, players can contact Kings of Pool’s support team by emailing or by using the in game contact feature found by tapping the mail icon at the top of the game lobby.
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